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Hedge Funds Buying Massive Tracts of African Farmland

Public Radio International/Here and Now (Audio)--Over 148 million acres of farmland in Africa have been purchased by Western hedge funds in the last three years.

Green Revolution or Green Plunder?

IPP Media--When a local consultant firm, Serengeti Advisers, heard about a much marketed, ‘Green revolution’ or Kilimo Kwanza as it’s known here, the firm quickly grabbed the golden opportunity and invited a US based giant investor, Agrisol Energy to bring millions of dollars in Tanzania.

Ethiopia Land Lease Risks Displacement: Report

Agence France Presse--Ethiopia's leasing of vast swathes of arable land to foreign and state-owned firms risks adding to the millions of people already requiring food aid in the drought-struck region, a US based think-tank warned on Friday.

Hedge Funds Buy Ethiopian Farms at $1 an Acre

The Sunday Times--As Britain prepares to send £38m ($43m) in emergency aid to Ethiopia to fight famine, the Addis Ababa government is selling millions of acres of prime farmland to foreign investors, including British and American hedge funds.

Will African Farmland Yield the Elusive Alpha for Portfolios

Forbes--Looking for a 270% return on investment over the next five years? Emergent Asset Management, a London hedge and private equity fund, says it has the perfect investment vehicle for you. Farmland in sub-Saharan Africa. (You’ll need €5 million to throw in if you’re an institution and €500,000 if you’re a retail investor.)

The Secret Sale of South Sudan

The Times--Investors are buying up huge tracts of fertile land in Southern Sudan, Tristan McConnell reports from Juba. A week before Southern Sudan's independence, investors have already bought up nearly a tenth of the new nation in a series of huge land deals that researchers say cheat the nacent nation of its birthright.

Sierra Leone Opposition Urges Scrapping of Land Deals

Agence France Presse--A leading Sierra Leone opposition party has called on the government to cancel major land deals signed with international investors, saying they were taking away the livelihood of peasant farmers.

The New African Land Grab

Al Jazeera (English)--Foreign investors, with the World Bank, are acquiring vast tracks of land in Africa - at the expense of local farmers.

Meet The Millionaires And Billionaires Suddenly Buying Tons Of Land In Africa

Business Insider--Oakland Institute just completed the most thorough investigative report on who's buying land in Africa we've seen yet: "Hedge Funds Grabbing Land in Africa," as BBC called it.

Kofi Annan Blasts Hedge Funders For Acquiring So Much African Land

Business Insider--The former secretary general for the UN, Kofi Annan, recently commented on hedge funds' buying a disturbing amount of land in Africa.