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Anuradha Mittal Speaks at Fallon Forum

Recorded on 8/28/12 on AgriSol with Anuradha Mittal of Oakland Institute and Tim Schwab of Food & Water Watch.

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Board Drops Complaint Against Rastetter

On Aug. 23, the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board decided to drop an ethics complaint filed by the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI) against Iowa Board of Regents member BruceRastetter.

Ethics Board Shouldn't Shush the Public


The meeting room at Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement was packed Tuesday evening, as a guest from California told a crowd of farmers, mothers, academics, retirees and others that Tanzanians were looking to Iowa to see if they can trust democracy. “I never thought mobilization in Iowa would happen,” said an emotional Anuradha Mittal.

Ethics Complaint Against AgriSol's Rastetter Dismissed: Public Scrutiny However Unravels Rastetter's Business Dealings

"Agrisol Energy initially explored developing about 800,000 acres of land in Tanzania, but company officials now say it has no plans of expanding beyond the 35,000 acres it has leased..." - Des Moines Register


August 23, 2012: Today the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board voted to dismiss Iowa CCI's conflict of interest complaint against Iowa Regent Bruce Rastetter saying it wasn't "legally sufficient" for them to do an investigation.

Regent Bruce Rastetter Files Amended Financial Disclosure Statement with State Ethics Board

DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa Board of Regents member Bruce Rastetter has filed an amended financial disclosure statement with the state ethics board just days before the board considers whether he violated ethics rules.

Critic: Agrisol Has 'Sweetheart' Tanzania Deal

An agriculture company with Iowa ties should back out of a Tanzanian land deal if it can’t promise enough local jobs and won’t demand better government compensation for refugees who could be displaced to make room for large-scale farming, said the author of several reports critical of the deal.

Anuradha Mittal, executive director of the Oakland Institute, said Agrisol Energy LLC has negotiated a “sweetheart” deal that could harm an estimated 162,000 refugees, some of whom have had their homes and crops burned by government security officials.

Bruce Rastetter: Protesters 'should have to let the process work'

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Bruce Rastetter, reflecting on summer of public scrutiny, said Thursday that no one who serves on a public board or commission should have to endure the aggressive protests that have been aimed at him.

Ten Items Rastetter Doesn't Want You to Know about His Tanzania Project

On Tuesday, over sixty CCI members gathered at the CCI headquarters to meet Anuradha Mittal, executive director of the Oakland Institute, as she shared her knowledge of Bruce Rastetter’s land grab in Tanzania.

What we learned blew us away!

In 2011, Anuradha was invited to Iowa by AgriSol executives as they tried to secure her approval that their Tanzania

Basu: AgriSoil Still Has a Lot to Prove

Bruce Rastetter and his AgriSol Energy colleagues came to the newspaper recently to rebut criticisms that the corporation, of which he is 30 percent shareholder and managing director, is making a land grab in Tanzania. In spite of their PowerPoint presentation and talking points, the company has more to do to prove its intentions are honorable.

Regent: Silence on Africa Land Deal with Iowa State Was PR Mistake but He Did Nothing Wrong


by Ryan J. Foley


IOWA CITY, Iowa — Iowa Regent Bruce Rastetter on Thursday defended working with Iowa State University to pursue a large-scale land development in Africa that could have benefited himself financially and blamed growing criticism over his involvement on misinformation and public relations mistakes.