Land Rights

Vanderbilt University Divests from "Land Grab" in Africa

February 13, 2013


For Immediate Release


Contact: Zach Blume, Student Organizer, Vanderbilt Responsible Endowment Campaign / (401) 714-3118

Rose Espinola, National Organizer, Responsible Endowments Coalition / (347) 864-7633


Hunger in Ethiopia: Overpopulation or Dispossession?

In my recent reply to David Attenborough‘s claim that hunger in Ethiopia is caused by overpopulation, I pointed out that he had totally ignored the forced dispossession of peasant farmers and the sale of huge tracts fertile land to foreign investors who grow export crops.

For more on this horrendous situation, read Unheard Voices: The Human Rights Impact of Land Investments on Indigenous Communities in Gambella, a new report from the Oakland Institute. 

Etiopia: Salini: Progetto Gibe III Non Minaccia Tribù Suri


Rapporto Oakland Institute parla di abusi e violazioni diritti

Roma, 7 feb. (TMNews) - Replicando al rapporto diffuso dal think tank americano Oakland Institute, la Salini costruttori specifica che il progetto idroelettrico Gibe III, a cui l'azienda partecipa, non minaccia la tribù dei Suri. " E' con fermezza - dice la Salini - che denunciamo la nostra totale estraneità ai fatti riportati". 

When The Rich Eat the Poor

You might think that Ethiopia is a country that would take its food supply very, very seriously.  We're regularly greeted by appeals for donations to help relieve starvation in the Horn of Africa - Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Eritrea.

It's a bit disconcerting to learn that Indian investors are now snapping up Ethiopia's prime farmlands, forcing the people off their land.

Bolloré, Crédit Agricole, Louis Dreyfus et... Nos Terres


Au Brésil, le groupe français Louis Dreyfus, spécialisé dans le négoce des matières premières, a pris possession de près de 400 000 hectares de terres : l’équivalent de la moitié de l’Alsace, la région qui a vu naître l’empire Dreyfus, avec le commerce du blé au 19ème siècle. Ces terres sont destinées aux cultures de canne à sucre et de soja. Outre le Brésil, le discret empire commercial s’est accaparé, via ses filiales Calyx Agro ou LDC Bioenergia [1], des terres en Uruguay, en Argentine ou au Paraguay.

The War for Food

THE newest Western plan to invade Africa was hatched in May 2010 by then French president Nicolas Sarkozy together with pliable African leaders he had summoned to a crucial meeting in Nice.

The minutes of the summit should offer clues to the events that followed in Tunisia, the traditional French pocket borough, and thence to Libya, Egypt etc.

Indian Companies' Investments in Ethiopia Displace People: Activists

Indian companies that have invested in agriculture in Ethiopia are under fire from civil society groups. The companies have been accused of large-scale land grabbing, which has led to displacement of the tribal population there.