Land Rights

How Your Valentine Day Rose is Grown

“The government will lock our doors tomorrow if I give you an interview about that!”, bristled the director of an Ethiopian environmental organization. “Let’s talk about ethnobotany instead.”

Africa: A Continent for Sale

The massive and insatiable land grab in Africa by multinationals, including from India, marks an inevitable catastrophe

Anuradha Mittal and Nickolas Johnson Oakland/California (US) 

Ethiopia’s Quest for Deeper Water


GOGTI, Ethiopia—The dry season is at its peak in the Somali Region of Ethiopia, and due to scarcer rains, a new food and water emergency looms. With the 2011 famine in memory, the Ethiopian government, the people, and aid organizations search for water anywhere they can find it. Will these efforts be enough to fight increasing insecurity due to climate change?

JIN:The Global Land Rush for Food and Fuel

Land grabs are nothing new — the imperialist scramble for Africa being the most egregious example — and neither are agricultural land grabs, such as the fruit plantations of the Central American “banana republics.” Outsourcing production has always meant capitalizing on the natural resources of another place and more recently, it has also meant capitalizing on loose environmental and labor regulations in less developed countries.

Karuturi to Borrow From Sovereign Fund After First Ethiopia Crop

Karuturi Global Ltd. (KARG), the world’s largest rose grower, said it will borrow more than $100 million from a sovereign wealth fund to invest in farming in East Africa after selling its first produce from a plantation in Ethiopia.

South Sudan: More Cases of Land Grabs in South Sudan


South Sudan — In my previous article; title: Stop Squatters, Land Grabbing, Occupation and Colonization Nonsense (South Sudan News Agency, March 22, 2013), I provided the facts and terms of agreement surrounding the Mukaya payams case in the state of Central Equatoria. The intention was to challenge the myth of land grab and occupation by Dinka and Western Nilotic former IDPS, politicians and army generals.

Stop Squatters, Land grabbing, Occupation and Colonization Nonsense

The recent call and push for federal system of government in the Republic of South Sudan by Equatoria governors, politicians, intellectuals as well as the assertion of right of self-determination for the eventual independent Republic of Equatoria (ROE) or Democratic Republic of Lado Enclave (DROLE) has been based in part, on the alledged Dinka political domination, systematic discrimination and marginalization of Equatorians, colonization and occupation of the Equatoria region by Western Nilotic and Dinka in particular.

India Emerges as Leader in 21st Century "Scramble for Africa"

The rising presence of China and India in Africa has important implications for the continent’s development. While the two Asian giants provide a much-needed alternative to the old – and until now sole – paradigm of dependence on the West, both countries are accused of being part of the global land-grabbing group. Many African governments are complicit in this wholesale plunder of their land, which the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N.

Nigeria: Land Swap Land Grab and Govt Failure (III)

Apart from the problem of skyrocketing cost of living in the city consequent upon land speculation and its attendant rising cost of rent, which the Land Swap is sure to escalate, there is the unjust treatment and the violation of fundamental human rights of the local indigenes.

Vanderbilt Out of Africa

Tennessee students win a divestment fight–even though the school won’t admit it.